Labor Day Inspired Charcuterie Board!

Charcuterie Brunch Board

Excited to finally host a few friends at home for Labor Day?! Create a unique Charcuterie board with a red, white, and blue theme!

  1. Start with a large wood board. A beautiful wood board is the base of your charcuterie design. Don't lose time, purchase your board now for this weekend. We suggest Kitchen Strong's Cadillac board.

  2. Use fruits to add your red & blue theme colors. We suggest strawberries, blueberries, red apples, or raspberries.

  3. To add your white theme color, you have options! For a breakfast themed Labor Day board, replace cheeses with Greek yogurts and crackers with mini pancakes! For lunch we suggest cheeses that pairs well with fruit, such as raspberries and cream cheese or brie.

  4. Add proteins like rolled sliced meats or even sliced boiled eggs to finish off your board.

Serve immediately! Shop the Cadillac now.

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