Must-Haves for Creating the Perfect Charcuterie Board

Creating the perfect charcuterie board is easier than you think. Below are our MUST HAVES for a really good charcuterie board:

  1. Your KS serving board is a must! Charcuterie boards are about the wow factor for your delicacies. We suggest our KS Brie serving board.
  2. Choose savory meats (at least two!). We suggest prosciutto and salami. A pro tip: Remember to take the meat out of the fridge about 30 minutes before serving so it is served at room temperature.
  3. Add your favorite cheeses. You can have a mix of soft cheeses like brie and  hearty cheeses like gouda.
  4. Fruits are the highlight of the board. Keep it simple. We suggest grapes or strawberries.
  5. Fill in spaces with crackers. You can add a special touch with olives or nuts as well. Using these small items as "space" fillers will make your Charcuterie board look more appetizing.
  6. Get fancy with a garnish! We suggest fresh rosemary. It's pretty and pairs well with meats and cheeses.

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