3 Simple Food Display Ideas for Entertaining!

Take entertaining up a notch when you stage your food using a wood serving board! Here's 3 simple food display ideas:

  • Cheese & Fruit Board. Start with the KS Brie Or Pearl serving board. Then add 2 types of cheeses, meats and fruit. We suggest grapes or strawberries.

Cheese and Fruit Board on Kitchen Strong Pearl Board

  • Large Serving Board. Couldn't be more simple. Add any food item you want, including an assortment of tea sandwiches. Have fun! The highlight will be your KS Checkmate serving board. It's a statement piece and is incredibly functional!

Bread Board on Kitchen Strong Checkmate Serving Board 

  • Dessert Stand. All you need is love and a little sugar. Display your sweets on our KS Essence serving board on a stand. Your guest will not be able to resist your sweet treats when you're making them look this good.

Ready to try these ideas?! Shop for your serving board now. 

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